Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kobe Eikaiwa Halloween Party 2009

Costume contest at the end of the party. Some of the missionaries and YSA.
Four of our wonderful YSA in costume.
The Elders manage the pinata they made especially for the party.

The kids loved taking shots at the bat.
Candy frenzy!
Sister McIntyre poses with Sisters Yamada and Inoue. Below, Sister Inoue also tries on the Korean dress.
A highlight of the night was bobbing for apples. Elder Ito went all the way in for his!
His companion, Elder Christie, was not to be out done!
Lots of snacks and scary punch.
Sister Inoue served up the potion.

Elder and Sister Pyper enjoyed the show!
Little devils.
Little angels!
Pumpkin carving demonstration by Sister McIntyre.
The kids loved it as this is not normally done in Japan. It was the first time to see a real Jack o lantern for most of them.
It was a happy Halloween in Kobe!

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julie said...

that looks like so much fun! :)