Saturday, November 7, 2009

Updates from the Field!

Here are a few pictures about our purpose and the reason we are here! In Himeji (Kobe Stake) Sister Tanizawa was taught and baptized by Elders Aguirre, Rhan and Andreason. Elder Varjao also participated.
Brother Sakuramoto Shogo was baptized in Fushimi, Kyoto Stake. He was taught by there most recently by Elders Taketomi and Slater.
In Ibaraki, Osaka North Stake, Sister Shinoda was taught and baptized by Elders Kanno and Neff. They found her housing!
Look for more of these great pictures soon. The missionaries are opening their mouths and finding the elect. We have many people working towards baptism and scheduled with dates as we approach the end of the year. Everyone is working hard and exercising their faith to allow the Lord to bless them with a WHITE Christmas!

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