Friday, June 25, 2010

Transfer Week Update

We welcomed three new missionaries to Kobe this week. Next week we will add 32 more from Hiroshima.

Elder Hasegawa, Sister Murdock and Elder Kendrick. Welcome dinner at the mission home.After dinner we attended the baptism of Brother Shota at the Kobe Chapel. He was taught by several missionaries in the Kobe office and wonderful new convert. Elders Monson and Kanno are pictured with us.

Our three new missionaries!
We saw off 8 elders and Elder and Sister Wade as well.
This is a great group and the first missionaries we met on our mission. We were with them in the MTC two years ago and have served with them from day one. Elder and Sister Wade, Elders Tibbs, Cutler, Faalelei, Varjao, Johnson, Andreasen, Hobson and Ashdown.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recent Pictures from the Mission Office

We recently had a visit from Former Elder Shirata (Christie) who served with us here in Kobe. He recently got engaged to another former missionary from our mission. Here we are with the boys at the mission home.

Several elders in the office show off their aprons courtesy of Sister McIntyre.
We celebrated Elder Monson's birthday this past week, face cookie and all.
On Father's Day, the fathers in the office shared a cake courtesy of the elders.
For Stake/District Conference, we attended the Nishiwaki Branch. Nishiwaki is located in the exact center of Japan. It is known as the belly button or "heso" of Japan.

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 2010 - Great Month For New Converts!

The past two weeks have been particularly busy with baptisms throughout the mission. This past weekend we surpassed our previous best month by one convert and we hope to see a few more by the end of the month. Brother Yano in Abeno was baptized by Elders Enta and Bunderson.

Nishii Kyodai in Yamato Koriyama was baptized by Elder Buerger and Kobe.

Hamai Kyodai in Habikino was baptized by Elders Imai and Draper.

Brother Yamashita in Amagasaki was baptized by Elders Campbell and Bowman.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baptism in Gobo Branch

Sister Okabe was baptized this past week in Gobo by the Elders in Tanabe, McKellar and Fa'alelei.

Recent Baptisms June 2010

This past week was one of the best for convert baptisms we have had. And the month of June is looking to be a great month. We were personally able to attend a few services this past weekend. We are still waiting for more pictures from the field. In Omihachiman, Kyoto Stake, the Inoguchi family was baptized. The mother, father and two children were all baptized by elders Chamochumbi and Varjao. We had to postpone the original baptism date so Sister Inoguchi could give birth to their new little daughter!
In Shimogamo Ward, Kyoto Stake, Brother Nakakubo was baptized by Elders McBurney and Mastuki.

In Otsu, also Kyoto Stake, Brother Eliton was baptized by Elders Nakamura and Nielson.
In Miki Branch, Kobe Stake, Brother Lu was baptized by Elders West and Toring.
In the Maizuru Branch, Fukuchiyama District, Brother Kawabe was baptized in the Sea of Japan by Elders Thayer and Kimura.
The elders love to baptize in the ocean!

Congratualtions Ricky! High School Graduation 2010

Ricky graduated from high school at the Canadian Academy in Kobe this past week. We are very proud of him. Being an international school with students from around the world, many graduates wore their traditional country costume in lieu of the traditional cap and gown. Ricky wore a Japanese Hakama. At graduation with Japanese grandparents, James, parents and Nanao.
With mom and dad at the mission home.
Nothing like celebrating with some delicious Kobe Beef! Ricky is off to BYU Hawaii in the fall! He also finished his Eagle Scout award and got his patriarchal blessing this past week. A busy time!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hiroshima Visit

To prepare for the consolidation of the Hiroshima Mission the end of this month, this past week we visited Hiroshima to meet with President and Sister Isa. We also met Elders Stephens and Masui who currently serve as assistants. Elder Masui will come to Kobe with us and Elder Stephens will go to the Fukuoka Mission later this month. Hiroshima is only an hour from Kobe on the bullet train. This is the entrance to the Hiroshima Mission Home, Church and Offices.

Before returning to Kobe, we visited the Atomic Bomb Peace Park Museum and Dome. The dome was one of the only buildings still standing after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.
Today Hiroshima is a beautiful modern city.

Kobe Interviews - June 2010

We had interviews in Kobe for the district here and also had the chance to celebrate Elder Campbell's birthday with some cake and treats.Lucky for him he was in Kobe. The missionaries here usually get a face cookie on their birthday. When Sister McIntyre can't make a cookie because they are not near Kobe, she draws their face on a postcard and sends it to them.After interviews, we ate a a nearby restaurant. Most the elders ordered this triple decker hamburger thingy. And all the rice and soup you can eat made them happy missionaries.