Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A White Christmas in the Works

Brother Yamaga in Higashi Osaka Ward.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mission President's Seminar in Osaka 2010

In November we had the chance to participate in our annual mission president's seminar. This year it was held in Osaka right here in our mission. We were privileged to have 4 members of the seventy attend and teach us. This is the whole group in front of the Todaiji Temple in Nara.
This is the group of presidents and wives that came out with us 2.5 years ago. The Daniel's in Sapporo, the Tateoka's in Sendai, the Jennings' in Busan, Korea and the Dowdles in Guam/Micronesia.
Feeding the deer in Nara Park.
Osaka City night view with Osaka CastleVisit to Nara Park
Osaka Castle night shot

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Returning Group December 2010

Seven wonderful missionaries completed their missions and returned home this week. Elders Stennett, Childs, Hinton, Sheffield and Masui and Sisters Gyobu and Hayase.
A final meal together in the mission home. Sukiyaki.
James says goodbye to Elder Childs as they pose with Elder Starks. The three spent many nights together while the President and Sister McIntyre were out in the field traveling. And of course Sammy too.

A Couple More Departing Photos - December 2010

Elder Masui and Sister Gyobu with their aprons. Elder Masui got one for his service in the office as assistant and all the sisters receive one.
Elders Masui and Sheffield
Sisters Gyobu and Hayase with their mothers who came from Tokyo to pick them up.
Finally, Elder Sheffield takes a knock out punch from President and Sister McIntyre before heading out to the train station and airport.

New Missionaries December 2010

5 New Sisters and 3 New Elders arrived in the Japan Kobe Mission this past week. Elders Shumway, Ewer and Low and Sisters Ferris, Wajima, Ilch, Megmarjav and Holker.
Dinner at the mission home.
First Sushi...
Two of the Sisters are from Mongolia, one is from Japan and two are from the US. Our three Elders are all from the US.

Zone Leader Council December 2010

We had some of the sisters attend our council this month. They helped train the elders and gave them some important instruction on how to work with sister missionaries in the mission.

Baptism in Matsue - December 2010

Sister Kadowaki, who is a retired school teacher and 80 years old, was baptized in the Matsue Ward, Okayama Stake the first week of December. She was found (and taught) by Elders Wiser and Tsushima through house to house contacting. The bishop performed the baptism.We traveled to Matsue on Saturday evening and attended the baptism and church in Matsue on Sunday morning. On the way out of town we stopped to get a picture in front of the Matsue Castle.Many of the members of the Matsue Ward after Sister Kadowaki's baptism.
This the Notsu family in Matsue. Sister Notsu, who is now married to the former Elder Christie, served with us in Kobe.
Not all the hotels we stay in are that modern! Here is the toilet in the one in Matsue. These are affectionately called squatter toilets. We also often sleep in futons and tatami mats as can be seen above. The hotel did have a nice hot spring bath (onsen) though.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nabari Akame Water Falls

In the Nabari area of the mission, which is in Mie Prefecture bordering the Nagoya Mission, there is a famous place called the 47 Waterfalls of Akame. The pictures here do not really do it justice. It was one the most beautiful hikes I have been on here in Japan. The trail, which is a couple miles long, climbs through a canyon along this river. There are numerous waterfalls along the way. I am just posting pitures of a couple here.
The water is clear and clean and the trail well maintained and easy to follow. In many spots you can see schools of fish swimming in the clear blue-green pools of the river.
It was late afternoon and in the canyon among the trees the lighting was not the best for photos. But I think you can get an idea of how beautiful the scenery is here.
The leaves were just beginning to change color. This is very famous Fall foliage site in Japan.
Near the entrance to the trail head.
Nabari is known as the birthplace of Ninja. Rika decided to become one.
Just another reason why Kobe is the greatest mission!