Monday, November 16, 2009

Blessed Day in Kyoto!

The Spirit of God like a fire was burning in Kyoto on Sunday. We had a wonderful stake conference presided over by our Area President, Elder Gary Stevenson of the Seventy. We attended all sessions and I spoke with Elder Stevenson in each. Sister McIntyre spoke in the evening session. At the conclusion of the conference on Sunday we had a baptismal service for 5 new converts from three of the wards in the stake.
Sister Hishii of the Fushimi Ward with her two children at conference. She made the beautiful (but large) flowers for us. All the youth wore name tags like missionaries and served as ushers and door keepers. Brother Hishii is the Bishop of the Fushimi Ward (not pictured).
New members Sisters Li and Gogan with us and Elder Stevenson.We tried to get a shot of everyone but it was difficult. In front is little Melina, who was baptized with her father, standing between Sisters Keneko and Yamashita who taught Sisters Li and Gogan.
Brother Matoba was baptized in the Katsura ward and was taught by Elders Quilter and Ashdown. Katsura Bishop Okunishi is also pictured.
Brother Nozawa and his daughter Melina were taught and baptized by Elders Jackson and Chamochumbi from the Omihachiman Ward.
The Spirit was strong at conference and President Tamaya did a great job planning and preparing everything. The church is alive and well in Kyoto!

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