Friday, October 30, 2009

Julie is called to Fukuoka Japan Mission - We now have three Sister McIntyre's!

Julie, our second oldest, received her mission call today to serve in the Japan Fukuoka Mission. We are very proud of her and her decision to serve a mission and excited about her call! She reports to the MTC January 12th.From little girl in a kimono to high school cheerleader in Tokyo and now a missionary in Fukuoka! They grow up fast!
With Julie entering the mission field, we will have three Sister McIntyre's serving at the same time. Sister Erika McIntyre in Sapporo, Sister Julie McIntyre in Fukuoka, and mom, Sister Rika McIntyre in Kobe. What a blessing that is for our family.

Julie loves Japan and lived through high school in Tokyo. Fukuoka will be a little more rural than Tokyo! Julie just finished her third semester at BYU and is not yet 21 (the normal minimum age for sister missionaries). However, since we are serving as a family, she is allowed to start her mission at a younger age.
The timing will work out well as Julie will finish her 18 month mission the same time we complete our three years. Erika will be returning in Late January or Early February after 18 months of service.

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Missionary Mom said...

Congratulations Julie!
Wow! So many missionaries serving at the same time. Your family must be overflowing with blessings!