Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recent Pictures November 09

We have finally finished (at least for now on our limited budget) some of the landscaping improvements around the mission home and office. Sister McIntyre loves the new bamboo gate near the entrance to the mission home. We can now take some Japanese garden pictures with the new missionaries! Next spring our yard and garden around the mission home should look very nice.
A quick stop at Shakey's Pizza in Kyoto on the day of interviews. Below are some attempts to get a picture of the zone while eating The sisters sat by us at a separate table.
The other angle!
Elder Matsuoka got a cookie on his birthday. He is one of our faithful office elders!
We also had a visit from Brother Fukui, who just went home from his mission here a few weeks ago, but lives in the mission next door. He will be off to BYU Idaho next month.


julie said...

It looks like you guys are having lots of fun without me! I am suffering in the Provo snow right now all alone over here! I am excited to come home.

Toshinori said...

Thank you so much for letting me visit you family! It was nice of you! Also, it was fun to be at the conference!! I'm hearing a lot about Kobe mission from Nagoya Mission Honbu staff! Love Kobe and Missed it:)

Toshinori said...

Thank you for letting me visit you family! It was nice of you all and I loved it including the brakefast making:) I heard a lot of good things about Kobe Mission today from Nagoya Mission Honbu Staff! Love Kobe Mission and Missed it:)