Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kobe Mission Home Property Now and Then - Over 40 Years Ago

Thanks to President McArthur for sending me copies of these great photos of the Kobe property taken when he served here about 40 years ago. This is the old house that sits where the current mission home stands. Note the wall on the right. It still stands today. The sign has the name of the church and meeting times advertised on it.
This a shot of the mission home property today take from the same angle a little farther back across the street. You can still see the old wall running along the road. Today the Kobe Stake Center and mission offices also stand on the property.
Here is closer shot of the wall today where the gate to the original property once stood. We recently painted and added a sign and replaced the old lettering on the wall. The left side of the wall must have been taken down years ago when the current home was built. The current home and old wall survived, with no damage, the great Kobe earthquake of 1995.These were the old letters. Note sure how old they were, but they date back anywhere from 15 to 20 years ago. Erika and Sammy summer of 2008!Here is the new lettering. A little smaller but shiny gold!
This is the back side of the original house taken from the current church upper parking lot.Here is a picture of the current home from about the same spot.Here is a current shot of the church and mission home further back from the same angle. This is the old house, which was used as the church, with the members of the Kobe Branch (might have been called the Sannomiya Branch) in the 1960's.
The church today from the front driveway of the mission home and our basketball court.Front of the Kobe church today. The mission offices and missionary apartments are directly behind the church.Entrance to the Kobe Mission Office behind the Kobe Chapel.
A lot has changed. It is a wonderful set up for the mission and a beautiful neighborhood. Might be a great location for a Kobe/Kansai Temple someday!

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