Thursday, November 26, 2009

Transfers Begin - Departing Group November 2009

We returned 5 great missionaries this week and sent them off with a sukiyaki dinner.
Sister Inoue and Yamashita help Sister Ise and Sister McIntyre in the kitchen.
The departing group with cake and message cards from Sister McIntyre. Elder Payne, Sister Yamashita, Elder Christie, Sister Inoue and Elder Nicerio.
The departing group on the morning of departure. Sister Yamashita, who is from Tokyo, was met by her parents who drove her back home. Inoue Shimai's mother also came down from Tokyo to pick her up and they returned via bullet train to Tokyo with the Elders Payne and Nicerio who flew out of the airport in Tokyo. Elder Christie stayed on with us until Thursday when he returned to Shikoku via Hiroshima by train and boat. Elder Christie served in Kobe twice and for almost half of his mission. When we arrived he was working in the office and was a great help to us in getting started in our new calling. He is fully bilingual, half Japanese, half American, and went to school at BYU Hawaii before coming back on his mission here. For the past several months he has been serving as my assistant here in Kobe again. Of course Sister McIntyre thinks he was her assistant and gave him his Assistant to the President's Wife apron. On our morning run on his last day in Japan, we made it to the park just in time for the sunrise. Elders Matsuoka, Christie and Sister McIntyre show us why this is called the land of the rising sun!Then they admire the work of the Lord! (sporting their custom made I Love Kobe T-shirts made by Elder Matsuoka's mother)This was transfer day and Elder Matsuoka transferred after 6 months as the mission commissariat and Elder Christie returned home. It was a beautiful morning and yet a little sad to see these great missionaries move on.

The missionaries are truly like our own sons and daughters. We love them all!

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