Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Toyooka Branch Conference - 2009

Sunday we had a nice trip to Toyooka for their Branch Conference. This is a wonderful little branch and we always enjoy visiting them. The conference was uplifting and the Spirit was felt. The Primary sang several songs and the theme of the conference was Eternal Families. Sister McIntyre and I both had the chance to speak. After the meetings we had a lunch and spent some time writing testimonies in copies of the Book of Mormon to be given to friends. We also had the chance to visit some families in their homes. The week before we held the Fukuchiyama District Conference in Fukuchiyama and Nishiwaki. Next Sunday I am visiting Nishiwaki Branch with Elder Ishii of the Seventy. We are spending a lot of time in the mountains of the Fukuchiyama District this month!

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Toshi said...

Hey President!! This past Sunday, Elder Ishi was at our ward (I do not know how long he had not been at his home ward on Sunday) and he told me to go to Nishiwaki with you next Sunday! Have a great time in the montain area:)