Friday, December 18, 2009

Eating at "The Dirty"

A few days a go after interviews in Kyoto we drove to Otsu and inspected the elders' apartment. There is a famous restaurant in Otsu called the Mifuji Shokudo. To the missionaries it is simply known as "The Dirty." It is an old little place that has been operated by a married couple for decades. The missionaries call it "The Dirty" because it is old and dirty. Never look in the kitchen! Anyway it is famous and has been featured on TV and in publications for years. It is mostly famous due to the large portions served at very reasonable prices. That is always a big hit with the elders. The guys next to us ordered this.

We went for some simple noodles and a Katsu Curry.

It was dirty, but the owners were very nice and the portions were big. The taste was not bad either. So we have checked off another thing on our mission bucket list. We ate at the dirty.

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