Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Zone Conferences 2009

We started interviews at the beginning of December and travelled the mission interviewing all 108 missionaries by December 19th. Julie returned to Japan from BYU on that day. We then prepared to interview and have our departing dinner and testimonies with the 4 missionaries returning to the US just before Christmas. Right after we sent them off, we picked up Erika from the airport and welcomed her home from her mission in Sapporo, Japan. The next day (Dec. 23rd) we had our first zone conference of the transfer for over 50 missionaries. We repeated that again on the 24th (Christmas Eve). Feeding over a hundred missionaries is never a small task. Doing it during the holidays with so much going on was a miracle. But Sister McIntyre and company seem to perform small miracles all the time.
The conference focused on becoming more united with the members and included a special Christmas program.
They were a happy bunch despite a few cases of homesickness earlier in the month. The flu is still a concern so those with colds wear masks so not to infect others - just in case.
A few of the pictures were not so focused. Sorry!
We had ham and chicken with potatoes, salad, rolls and cake.
Everyone got a small gift bag with treats, a mission bookmark and a CTR pin.
Some of our helpers with the meal and serving. The Pypers and Wades.
The conferences went well. To top off the week we had several baptisms with 4 actually performed on Christmas day. Yes, we did have a "White" Christmas in the Kobe Mission.

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