Saturday, December 26, 2009

Julie's "Seijinshiki" (Coming of Age) Pictures

"Coming of Age Day" in Japan is in January. This year it falls a few days after Julie enters the MTC. In Japan you become an official adult when you turn 20. In early January, all young adults turning 20 during that year are officially recognized by the government as adults and on the designated day (usually January 15th) they hold coming of age ceremonies at government offices throughout Japan.These are Julie's coming of age photos! She is off to her mission in a few weeks to Fukuoka, Japan. We think she is beautiful! It is customary to take photos in traditional Japanese dress to commemorate the event.
Glad she can enter the mission field as an adult! Even though she will be the youngest sister serving a full time mission in the church.Look out Fukuoka. Here comes Sister McIntyre!


Colleen said...

Beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

The Elders in her mission will have a hard time working in her dendo area(s). I bet her daddy already knows!!!