Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ricky McIntyre Leads His Team to Another Win Over Osaka International School!

Ricky is having a great year on the court as team captain of the Canadian Academy varsity team. Thought we would give him some blog time with these action shots from the recent game against Osaka. CA won 91 to 62. A little movement with the ball.
Oops, you might have been over the back on that one!
But they triple teamed you and fouled you back on this rebound.
A little jumper inside.
Got some real air on this one and jumped right out of the picture!
Another two!
I can fly!!!
Up and over for another two.
Taking it to the hoop.
Ricky finished this game with 25 points and 17 rebounds. Nice job Ricky!


julie said...

cool man!

Colleen said...


President McIntyre and Family said...

wow, those pictures reminded me your picture that was in your high school paper.:) Rika

Anonymous said...

If his hair was shorter, I would have thought it was his dad in his younger days.