Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Congratulations Sister Erika McIntyre - Welcome Home!

Sister Erika McIntyre completed her mission in Sapporo, Japan today and arrived in Kobe this evening. Julie made the welcome sign for her and we all headed to the airport.
Ready and waiting for Erika with this cool sign.
When she didn't arrive we called and found out her flight was changed and she ultimately arrived at a different airport. After fighting traffic and feeling a little frustrated...
and still waiting...
We finally caught up with her at the Kobe airport. There she is waiting for us.Couldn't hold back the tears as we all greeted her.
She served a wonderful mission and we are very happy to have her back with us for the holidays. I had the privilege of conducting her release interview upon returning to the mission home. It was not easy for her to take of the name tag. She will be returning to BYU and seeing Julie off at the MTC after the first of the year. One and a half years goes by pretty fast. Our family has truly been blessed!

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