Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to Matsue and Elder (Brother) Christie and Sister Notsu's Wedding Reception!

We had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Matsue this month to visit two of our former missionaries who were just married in the Fukuoka Temple. They held a reception in Matsue which is now part of the Kobe Mission. Brother Christie is from Matsuyama and Sister Christie is from Matsue. Both areas were part of the Hiroshima Mission prior to the consolidation.They both served with us in Kobe. Although they never served in the same areas or really talked much on their missions, they were encouraged to get into contact with each other after they returned home.They did and little did we know things would move so fast and turn into a temple marriage! They were great missionaries and they are a great new family! Congratulations! We love you both. Because Matsuyama is in a member district in the Kobe mission now, I actually got to conduct the interview for their sealing in the temple. Funny how these things happen.Elder Christie served in the office and as my assistant for over a year. He was very close to our boys. Ricky will be attending BYUH with the Christies later this year.We had the privilege of introducing them at their reception.I think he had that sword on his mission too! What a Samurai. Sister Christie will certainly be able to tame him down though.A happy new couple!Sister Sadler who served with us in Kobe and as Sister Christie's (Notsu's) companion also attended the reception. Here she is with our family! On our way to Matsue, we stopped for the night in Yonago and stayed at a really nice Japanese inn with a great onsen (hot spring bath).
The kids enjoyed the trip and it was fun to have Mike with us. Smile Ricky!

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