Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Family Trip to Shikoku, Yahatahama Branch Conference and Uwajima Baptism

With Erika visiting from the US and the boys back in Japan, we decided to take a family trip to Shikoku as we had some mission business to take care of there as well. After transfers we departed and after stopping for dinner in Tokushima, we finally arrived in Niihama where we stayed the night.
The next morning in Niihama, we visited the Aoba family and had the chance to make some pottery and learn from a Master Japanese Potter. Everyone made something and we are excited to see the final fired pieces.Erika working on her ceramic light.The boys working on their art. We took a short walk down the hill to the river for a family picture - minus Julie.The boys shot a few baskets with President Aoba's son. It was a very hot day.
We had nagashi soba which was really fun. You have to catch the noodles and food with your chop sticks as it comes down the shoot. Noodles are pretty slippery.
Here is a twilight sunset shot while we were on the road one evening. It is really pretty country.

We stopped in Kouchi for a couple of nights and relaxed. Here is a famous rock formation. The rope signifies these rocks are married. There are only 11 of these "married rocks" throughout Japan. The light house near the rocks in Kouchi.
Our hotel was nice with a pool and views of the ocean and countryside. There were a lot of people playing at the beach. The kids enjoyed the pool more and everyone got pretty sunburned.
Sunday the whole family visited the Yahatahama Branch Conference where I presided and we both spoke.
The church is in this rented building right on the main street through town in front of the train station. It is a small branch. The train station view from the church. After conference we enjoyed a nice meal with the members.We then travelled to Uwajima, further down the west coast of Shikoku where we attended the baptism of Brother Ii. This is the Uwajima church building. Brother Ii with missionaries.
On our way through Shikoku, we stopped for a few hours in Matsuyama and visited the castle there. We love the lift up the mountain to the castle. It beats walking in the heat.
Photo in front of the Matsuyama Castle. It was an enjoyable and busy few days!

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