Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sister McIntyre's Birthday 2010!

August 17th was Sister McIntyre's birthday. Everyone in the Kobe District helped celebrate it with her.The office elders and assistants snuck into her office and did a great decorating job. She was totally surprised and loved it.They made her a face cookie as well. She makes these for so many missionaries. Too bad the one they made for her did not really look like her (it actually looked like a Halloween cookie), but she loved it anyway! Very thoughtful of the elders.She also got little things sent to her from many missionaries. She draws all the missionaries' faces for their birthdays. One elder, Elder Uehara, drew her a picture for her birthday. Priceless! Mom and Ricky on her birthday. He gave her the nice summer hat.Mom and daughter in almost matching tops.
James and mom on her birthday. She loved the cool shoulder bag he gave her.
Happy birthday Rika!

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