Monday, August 9, 2010

Transfer Week August 2010!

August had a large departing group with 10 elders and 1 sister returning home. Elders Drake, West, Burton, Jones, Shepley, Andrews, Kanno, Matsuoka, Campbell, Ritchie and Sister Ho.
Elder Matsuoka's mother and brother came from Tokyo to pick him up. His sister is still serving in the mission!Elder Shepley's family came to pick him up as well. His parents and sister with us here.Sister Ho's parents came from Australia to pick her up and we enjoyed meeting them and all the other parents.Elders Matsuoka and Andrews earned their aprons from Sister McIntyre for their service in the office during their missions. Many of the departing group started their missions in the MTC with Erika. Erika has been home for a while since sisters do not serve as long as elders. Erika is visiting us from BYU and here job as a teacher at the MTC. It was a great experience for her to reunite with her group of elders as they complete their missions here in Kobe.
A new couple arrived this week, Elder and Sister Priddis. We took them to lunch with the Pypers.
Here are the new Kobe missionaries. We received 7 new elders and our new couple. The Priddis couple and Elders Meyer, Hale, Wilcox, Gardner, Horton, Nichols and Niven. Meal time with the new missionaries
It was a great transfer week.
More eating together.

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