Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recent Pictures From Kobe

Elder Hobson shows his face cookie. It was his birthday this week and we had our little fun in the office. Office staff and Kobe district.Elder Hobson's cookie from Sister McIntyre
We hit Mister Donuts in Abeno after lunch during our interviews. Elder Escalante shows of his strawberry bear donut. President McIntyre loves donuts!
On a recent preparation day we went downtown in Osaka to Umeda with the Pypers and ate crab and shrimp at the New Hankyu Hotel. Great as usual. They also served the famous poisonous Japanese puffer fish which we ate and fortunately survived.
At our recent interviews in Mikunigaoka, former Elder Kunihiro showed up to say hello. He will be off to BYU Hawaii in a few weeks. Now Brother Kunihiro!
Got a shot of mom with the boys the other night. They are both bigger than her now and almost bigger than dad (well Ricky already is). Rick is still trying to decide between BYU Hawaii and Provo.


Roxanne said...

OH WOW! The boys are getting so BIG!!! Sure missed watching them grow up and Erica and Julie too! Looks like you guys are doing AMAZING work over there. We miss you! Hope to see you soon.

Kat said...

President McIntyre,

I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis! I missed it last week because I was on business travel to Miami, but I loved the sweet surprise of seeing Elder Escalante's bright smile with his donut! Thank you so much for being diligent in all of these updates and photo posts! It means so much to the friends and family of all those in your mission to have this virtual connection!

I have found a fellow mission mom, Sister Junko Johnson via the site! It's wonderful! Do you have any way of us fellow mission mom's networking? I would love to send them a Christmas card or email from time to time. It would be very supportive.

I am in love with Japan and her people. I have never been there, and don't speak the language, but I grew up in Hawaii, and am somewhat familiar with the vocabulary and culture.

I want to humbly offer a word of advice for Ricky. I am an alumni of both BYU Hawaii and Provo. I attended my first two years at BYU Hawaii, and then transferred to graduate with my BS and Masters from Provo. I would HIGHLY recommend that any incoming Freshman that can be accepted attend BYU Hawaii first. This campus is so gorgeous, it's small, and just right for incoming new freshmen. The class sizes are smaller, the community, aloha spirit and fellowship is so much stronger because of how close knit everyone is. My youngest daughter, Keala, is now a freshman at BYU Hawaii, and she loves it. I want her to attend at least one more year to get all of her GE courses out of the way and then transfer with a high GPA to Provo.

They also have a decent basketball and volleyball team. I notice Ricky plays BB.

Well this has turned into a letter rather than a comment. Sorry!

Thanks again!

Kathy Kokenes