Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 2010 Zone Conferences

At our recent zone conferences we asked members to join us and let the missionaries practice teaching them lessons. We practiced committing people to come to church, accept baptism and read and pray about the Book of Mormon.
Missionaries also worked in their zones and practiced with each other as well.
Teaching members in Higashi Osaka
Teaching each other.
Working within the zone. Osaka North Zone.
Teaching members in Kyoto.
Member practice in Kyoto, Shimogamo.
We also celebrated Elder and Sister Pyper's 54th Wedding Anniversary at the Kobe Zone Conference. 54 years of Joy! We love the Pypers!
Relief Society Sisters prepare meals for our conferences. This was the meal from Higashi Osaka.
Higashi Osaka Members that prepared lunch for everyone. Thank You!
Some of the cooks from Kobe Stake at the Kobe Conference.
They made us Taco Rice and it was really good!
More Kobe members preparing Taco Rice.
In Kyoto we had a buffet style selection of various Japanese dishes. The missionaries really enjoyed it.
A shot of some of the food at the Kyoto Conference.
Thanks to everyone! They were well fed and well trained!


Kay said...

I was a member in Nishinomiya during my college years there and I am wondering how Nishinomiya ward is doing. They have a beartiful chapel in Nigawa which is very close to Kansai Gakuin University. Have you visited the ward ?

President McIntyre and Family said...

Yes, Nishinomiya has a great chapel and we have visited there several times!


Se come muito bem na missao. Espero que continuem bem alimentados.rsrs

Mislaine Vale said...

Quanta fartura, espero que sigam bem alimentados!!

Mislaine Vale said...

Comem bem esses elderes, hein!

eli said...

por favor me indique o endere├žo da capela de osaka tenho um amigo la ke ker conhecer a igreja.
obrigada -