Monday, March 29, 2010

Kobe Mission Area after July 1, 2010

These may be hard to see due to the small size, but we just finished creating the area map of the new mission boundaries after the consolidation of Hiroshima. We are adding the light blue areas (Okayama Stake) on the left and the whole island of Shikoku (the long purple and grey island areas) at the bottom. The geographic size of the mission is doubling. The expanded mission will have 64 church units with approximately 17,500 members and a population of about 30 million people. Each color grouping above represents a stake or member district within the mission.
It will be a much more time consuming job for us to travel the whole mission for interviews and conferences every transfer, but we are excited by the opportunity and look forward to having about 40 more missionaries and meeting many more wonderful members throughout Japan.

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andreobata said...

That`s huge!!! poor missionaries... they gotta travel a lot now!
you too president!
i`ll pray for kobe mission!
Love you all!
Ganbarou!!! Saigo made!!!
Andre Obata.