Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recent Baptisms February 2010

Here are some recent Baptism pictures from around the mission.
Sisters Wydia and Fukuda from Otsu Ward were baptized by Elders Ashmore, Lee and McLaws.
Brother Takatsuki was baptized in Joyo Ward by Elders Remund and Neff.
Muraki Kyodai was baptized in Kobe by Elders Harvard and Drake. He was also taught by the Elders Hobson and Burton.
Yanagishita Kyodai was baptized in Senri Ward by Elders Matsuoka and Campbell.
96 year old Brother Yamamoto, the father of President Yamamoto a counselor in the Sakai stake presidency, was baptized in the Kawachinagano Ward. He was taught by Elders Johnson and Emery.
Brother Kageyama was taught by Elders Tibbs and Everett and baptized in the Okamachi Ward Osaka North Stake.

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