Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Hits Japan - Kobe Missionaries Safe

The whole east coast of Japan is currently under Tsunami warnings and most coastal areas are being evacuated as a precaution. These tsunami are more of a surge or rise in sea level rather than a powerful destructive wave. Some northern areas of Japan (Sendai Mission) have had flooding as sea levels rise and the bays overflow. Kobe Missionaries are all safe and dry and no reports of damage have been reported in the mission. We have asked missionaries in apartments on the coast to stay in and they are in contact with members who are making sure no one is in danger. The first wave/surge has hit and they are saying another 2 or 3 will follow. At this point we are just being careful and following governmental instructions. I do not feel anyone is in real danger at this point as the waves in our area have not been large.
President McIntyre

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