Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mission Consolidation Questions

We have a had a few questions about this. Regarding who will be assigned to which mission, this will be determined by where missionaries are serving on July 1st. Missionaries serving in the Okayama Stake, Takamatsu District (Shikoku) and Matsuyama District (Shikoku) will become part of the New Kobe Mission. While missionaries serving in the Hiroshima Stake and Yamaguchi District will become part of the Fukuoka Mission. Kobe and Fukuoka will simply take over these areas, apartments and missionaries. President Isa will determine who goes where by how he assigns missionaries over the next few transfers. While nothing is final, our plans are to visit our new areas starting July 1st to meet all the missionaries and hold interviews. We will then probably have a mission conference shortly thereafter (in Kobe) to allow all the missionaries to come together and receive training and get to know each other. Once we know which missionaries are in the Kobe Mission, we will send out information about this mission to the parents of our new missionaries. We anticipate the Kobe Mission to have around 142 missionaries, 6 stakes, 3 Member Districts and a busy president and wife covering a pretty good sized geographic area. We are happy to answer questions so let us know.

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