Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three Elders Return With Honor this Month

We returned three elders this week and for the first time since we have been here did not get any new missionaries. Next transfer we get nine and have several big groups coming and going through the summer. But this transfer was not as busy or hectic as usual. We still have over 100 missionaries and will go up little by little from here. The returning elders, Taketomi, Ashmore and Magidman.We did something different and took the returning missionaries to a Brazilian BBQ. One of them is Brazilian and everyone wanted to go. They couldn't wait to get inside the restaurant and started eating the display outside.Elder Magidman, who is from Brazil, teaches us the finer points of Brazilan BBQ. The Pypers and Elder Taketomi look on.Elder Ashmore and Ric look on as Sister McIntyre eats her first chicken heart.
During Valentine's week Sister McIntyre made cookies for her Valentine (me!) below and also for many of her other loved ones. The Kobe District missionaries show off their hearts above.
With Love From Kobe!

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