Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Cherry Blossoms and Fukuchiyama Interviews - April 2009

Just across and down the street a couple minute walk from the mission home is the Gokokuji Temple. Lots of Sakura in bloom so we walked down at lunch time one day this week and enjoyed the beautiful blossoms.

This week we travelled to Fukuchiyama to interview the missionaries and to hold my monthly meeting with the District President. We noticed the sakura blooming at the Fukuchiyama Castle so we stopped and got a quick picture. This is a great little castle in the center of town set on a big hill. Not too sure of the history on this one, but it was certainly lived in hundreds of years by a Daimyo and Samurai who ruled the area.

Here is a picture of the zone. Elders Nicerio, Ritchie, Cutler, Sheffield, Badger, Bohman, Ito and Oshiro. Elder Fukui, who works in the office right now had a birthday this week and it seems that everyone made him a cake!


Mike, Andrea, & Abbie said...

It's so great to know how the mission is going. I miss the view of sakura. It's so pretty. I'm glad you guys are enjoying and doing well.

Anna Marie said...

Wow! What an awesome blog! Love the photos!

I met Elder Fukui in Japan as a missionary the day after he arrived home from a homestay with my family. What are the odds?!

He is a great cook, isn't he? He's just a great guy all around!

BTW, where is Elder Fishler from? I knew some Fishlers in Illinois years ago when I lived there.

Keep up the good work!

~Anna Nielsen