Monday, April 27, 2009

Akashi Apartment Move

We closed two old apartments and replaced them with new ones this week. The Nishinomiya apartment and the Akashi apartment. Both were quite run down and some of you mothers would not want your sons living in them! Neither did Sister McIntyre. The Akashi apartment had been rented for 21 years. You can imagine 21 years of elders living in the same apartment. Just normal wear and tear would be bad enough! This room above had wall paper from the 1970's, but some of it was torn off and moldy. Don't worry, our other apartments are not any where near this bad and no one used this particular room.
The Akashi elders with the office staff and assistants after several hours of clean up and moving. Elders Steele, Rassmussen, Throop, Bohman, Remund, Fukui, Andrews and Sisters Painter and McIntyre. The tatami mats where worn through and the whole place needs a major overhaul. The owner however, was surprised it was in as good of condition as it was after so many years. We may even get some of our deposit back. (Wow) The new apartment is a 1 minute walk from the church, very nice and it cost a little less!


Logan said...

AWESOME!!! NEW APARTMENTS! lol I get to use the new stuff! Yes! Thats if i go to those areas i guess but still a good thing.

Jeni and Dave said...

Sad to see the death of my old, moldy apartment back in 98. Seeing the pics of the old Akashi apartment brought back some fun memories. Thanks.

David Owen 96-98