Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kyoto Zone Interviews April 2009

Easter week - We visited Kyoto for interviews on Tuesday the 7th. The Easter bunny also joined us with eggs and treats. Kyoto is beautiful with all the trees in bloom.
After a zone lunch at Shakey's Pizza - all you can eat, we returned to the church in Shimogamo for interviews. The missionaries can get all the pizza, etc. they want for 670 yen. I am fairly confident they do not make any profit off the missionaries. Pictured above - Elders Budge, Andreasen, Cook, Thompson, Shattuck, Madgiman, Shepley, Williamson, Manning, Obata, Chamochumbi, Jones and Sisters Webb and Notsu.Everyone was pretty sick from eating too much pizza and the conversation changed to what we do each day for morning exercise. They seemed surprised when I told them how many push ups I do every day. To demonstrate, Elder Cook challenged me to 25 on the spot. They enjoyed watching that! We both did 25 and I am sure everyone got a good picture. You never know where and when those pictures will show up though! Kind of scary...

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