Monday, April 6, 2009

Himeji Castle Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) 2009

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and fortunate for us the Kobe Mission area has some of the best and most famous viewing spots in Japan. One great place is Himeji Castle. On preparation day we visited Himeji and met up with several missionaries. Some were viewing and others planned to do some sports activities at the castle park.
This is the inner most mote around the castle with cherry blossoms.
Elders Steele and Wintz.
Sisters Glenn, McIntyre and Yamashita with the bamboo. Not sure what they are doing?
Another castle shot. People love to picnic under the trees this time of year and there are lots of people around to talk to!
Here is a group of missionaries. Yamashita, Glenn, Sorensen, Throop, Mizuguchi, Wintz, Steele, Remund, Varjao, Rasmussen, Merrick and Payne.
This is a shot from the front of the castle. It is about 400 years old and one of the largest still existing in Japan. The grounds are very spacious and you can see the castle from miles away as it stands high in the center of the valley.

Outside the walls, vendors are selling traditional Japanese festival food. That what I call it anyway.
Candied fruit.
Tako Yaki - Octopus dumpling balls
Sweet bean cakes.
Okonomiyaki - Pancake style cabbage and meat cakes.
And of course your basic squid on a stick.
Another pancake type roll on a stick. Shrimp in the middle.


Colleen said...

LOVE the pics! Thanks for sharing!

Logan said...

Hello President McIntyre,

My name is Logan Rahn. I was called to serve in Kobe about a month ago and just found your blog. Looking through it has me itching to leave and extremely excited to serve with you! See you soon.