Monday, May 2, 2011

Returning with Honor - To Tokyo!!!

This morning we returned 24 missionaries to the Tokyo Mission via chartered bus. The bus started at 6am in Okayama and moved through the mission making stops in Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto before heading to Tokyo at around 11am. The missionaries were very excited to get back to Tokyo and their work there. They are all outstanding missionaries and we will miss them here in Kobe. Although making the adjustment to Kobe after the disaster was a little difficult for some, everyone did a wonderful work here and learned to love this mission like Tokyo. It turned out to be a bitter sweet day for most.
Boarding the bus in Kobe.
Elder Tsukiyama had a bike accident last week and spent the past few days with us in Kobe. We felt bad about sending him back wounded! He is a great missionary and never complained. His wrist is broken and he has stitches in his head and hands.
The group boarding in Kobe.
The group in Kyoto.
The Osaka Group
And the first two to ride from Okayama.
We are proud of each of these missionaries and honored to have had them serve with us in Kobe! We still have 17 missionaries from Tokyo serving with us. Their return to Tokyo is still pending.
Just received word that the missionaries have arrived in Tokyo safely (about 7pm today).

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Rachel said...

Thank you SO much for looking after our Tokyo missionaries (especially Elder Guy!) We appreciate it so much. Keep up the amazing work, Kobe!!