Monday, May 30, 2011

Returning Group - May 2011

Last week we saw off our last group of missionaries before completing our three years of service here. It was a large group of 15 great missionaries.
Sister Smith, Elders Spohr, Probasco, Starks, Nielson, Kodama, Imi, Shinozaki, Kimura, McConnell, Wiser, Thayer, Bowman and Maeda.
Some the returning elders fill out forms and write final messages in the office before their farewell dinner.

We had the chance to meet Elder Spohr's family (who we have know for years from Tokyo) and Elder Slater's family.
Elder Wiser was also picked up by his family. His father served as our bishop in Tokyo several years ago.

Some of the elders enjoyed helping prepare the table for dinner at their farewell dinner.

Front row below- Sister Smith, Elders Nielson, Starks, Wiser, McConnell and Bowman.
Back row - Elders Slater, Shinozaki, Kimura, Imi, Kodama, Spohr, Probasco, Thayer and Maeda.

Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

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