Saturday, March 5, 2011

Transfers! March 2011 - New and Departing Missionaries

9 missionaries returned this past week after completing wonderful missions.Elders Hogewoning, Hoffman, Kudo, Kurose, Emery, Akina, Magleby and Sisters Matsuda and Ieremia. Don't ask!
Elder Magleby's mother met him at the mission home. She is from Japan and happy to see her son after two years!
Elder Hogewoning got an apron for serving in the office.

Departing group
7 New Kobe missionaries! Elders Mitsukawa, Kahaialii, Gau, Geslison, Hugo and Sisters Ishiyama and Hirabayashi.
Sisters Hirabayashi and Ishiyama got their sister's aprons.
Dinner in the mission home with the new missionaries.

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