Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Day with James - Visit to Kinosaki, Miyazu and the Tango Peninsula for Onsen and Crab

Spring break for James and we took a short trip to the Sea of Japan to enjoy the hot springs and delicious crab which is nearing the end of the season. The area is located between the Maizuru and Toyooka Branches in the Fukuchiyama District. We left Monday evening and stayed at a little inn on the Tango Peninsula.
The coastline is beautiful. These small towns are mainly supported by fishing. The area is very famous for crab which is in season from about December through March.

It is very rural. This is the little one car train that runs along the coast in these parts.
The crabs are quite large! James was not watching and I had to jump in to try and save mom.

I was too late and Sister McIntyre was eaten by this mean crab near Mihama Beach.

Dad and James mourning the loss of mom.

Fresh crabs just off the boats. And we found mom. She escaped the giant crab!Rika got revenge on the giant crab as she devoured several of his smaller cousins that night.
It was all you can eat!
James tried this little one but did not seem to enjoy the insides. I decided to stick with the larger size legs and claws.
The hotel had a great bath, nice futons and cool Japanese yukata.It also had a veiw of the ocean from the top floor.
It was a short trip but a lot of fun. Japan has so many beautiful and fun places. There is also a lot of great food! We were back in Kobe by Tuesday late afternoon and it was back to work.

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