Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthdays in Kobe End of March 2011

Elder Crapo, recently transferred from Tokyo, was in Kobe for training on his birthday and was treated to a face cookie from Sister McIntyre.Elder Maeda visited Kobe on his birthday to celebrate it with President McIntyre whose birthday was the same day.President got a face cookie too!The missionaries in the Kobe District decorated the office and had a small party for President McIntyre and Elder Maeda. Sister Julie McIntyre serving in Okinawa sent dad a cool T-shirt. The missionaries got president a pair of cool basketball shoes signed by each missionary in the district. President tried them on and wore them during preparation day in the office. Before the party, everyone had lunch together at the Burger Pit where they enjoyed delicious Kobe beef hamburgers and fries. It was a great preparation day in Kobe.

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