Tuesday, October 13, 2009

General Conference Broadcast Sunday

Here in Japan all stakes broadcast general conference the week following conference in Salt Lake City. Live broadcasts are not practical due to time difference and the week delay allows for language translation and DVD's to be sent out to units without satellite capability. So this past Sunday was conference week here in Japan. In between Sunday sessions the Kansai Branch and the missionaries held a potluck lunch with everyone just bringing something and setting it out on the tables the elders set up between the mission home and the church. Missionaries invite investigators to conference and then we talk to them over lunch in between sessions.
Elder and Sister Pyper dish up some lunch, but did not know they were caught on film.
Here are a couple shots of the line and tables. Above is James (on the right) and Sister Yamamura with her two children (on the left). Sister Yamamura was baptized later that evening in the Akashi Ward. Below is a picture of Sister Meyers. She is completing her mission this week.
After conference, we drove to Akashi for the double baptism of Sister Yamamura and Brother Yanase. They were both taught by Elders Fukui and Shinozaki also pictured.


Paul said...

Yeah!! They're tearing it up in Akashi!!

julie said...

Aw that conference potluck looks great! Tell sister Meyers hello! I can't believe she is done!

Jeoff Wilks said...

Glad to see the church is still growing in Akashi. I served there twice -- from May-July 2001 and then again from June-July 2002. I would love to get back in touch with the members there somehow.