Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zone Conference in Wakayama!

The last zone conference of this transfer period (held in Wakayama) was great. The missionaries had a great time and I believe they were inspired and well taught by each other. The morning was time for Sister McIntyre and I to teach and share testimony. The afternoon, like the other conferences this transfer, was filled with the missionaries using creative methods to teach each other the doctrines of the kingdom and principles of effective missionary work. Again we let them have some fun with this.
The Wakayama Zone
The Sakai Zone - forgot to remind them that we do not allow hand signals/signs in official mission pictures! Although I have been known to do the Japanese "piece" sign once and a while myself.
In these shots the missionaries were practicing teaching while their companions held a mirror to their face. It was an interesting experience for them to see how they look when they teach. (how the investigator sees them) They learned a lot about the importance of body language and facial expressions when teaching.
Below, Elders Capener and Obata teach a principle from PMG.
Elders Williams and Payne teach about using your talents to find people. They have an investigator scheduled for baptism next week they first contacted and got a return appointment when Elder Williams showed a magic trick.
Elder Imai and Remund taught about being bold without being overbearing. Elder Imai demonstrated the difference between a missionary with the Spirit and a missionary who was like a overbearing policeman. Where do they get these ideas!
Sisters Kina and Kurashita, who are both from Okinawa, shared with us how they contact people the Okinawan way.
Elders Magleby and Kunihiro taught us about the 1-2 punch of teach, teach then testify.
Elders Honda and Andrews shared a skit about being bold with Elder Honda acting and Elder Andrews on the keyboard.
Elders Jones and Imi shared a song and taught us from PMG.
Sisters Glenn and Ho shared some great object lessons about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost with Elder Solomon as a volunteer.
The next zone conferences will not be until the end of October after next transfer. The best practices this time were fun and a nice change of pace. The missionaries shared some great ideas and concepts. We were amazed at their talent and creativity. We are now in full swing traveling around the mission doing interviews.

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