Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Baptism in Amagasaki!

Elders Nielson and Monson baptized Brother Kinjo in the Amagasaki Ward, Kobe Stake. He is a second year college student and was truly prepared to hear and accept the gospel. This baptism was extra special for us as two other recent converts (from this year) participated in the baptism. Brother Nakase (next to Sister McIntyre below) and Brother Kojima (in the middle) were both baptized this year in the same ward. Brother Nakase is currently 16 and recently spoke at stake conference. Brother Kojima spoke on baptism and shared a great testimony at this baptism. He will be 19 next year and is already planning to serve a mission. He was baptized three months ago. What a blessing it was for us to see them together at this baptism for Brother Kinjo. Immediately after the baptism, Brother Kojima said to me, "It is nice to have another friend in the gospel." I replied, "Yes, let's find many more!" Find, Teach, Baptize, Confirm and Establish the Church. That is our purpose and I felt like we are doing that in Amagasaki.
Earlier this week we had the chance to stop in Mikunigaoka and meet with Miyazaki-san and Sisters Glenn and Ho. Miyazaki-san is ready to be baptized this weekend and we are excited for her.
This was wax the mission vehicles week. I think the office elders and assistants really enjoy this assignment.
I always wondered what Sister McIntyre does while I interview the missionaries. I still don't really know, but Elder Ashmore looks like he is having a great time!At our last zone conference the zone leaders, Elders Obata and Capener, did not turn in their apartment cleaning checklist so they chose their own punishment during lunch. They did push ups while singing the mission anthem. I think the song was longer than they thought.

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julie said...

haha! who are your assistants now? Is elder christie back in the office? I like the pictures! :)