Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kobe and Akashi Zone Conference - September 14, 2009

We completed another zone conference for the two Kobe Zones. Again we had some fun and let the missionaries share their best practices through demonstration, role plays, songs and skits. One more conference to go in Wakayama this week.
The Kobe Akashi Zone
The Kobe Zone - less two office elders who attended a previous conference so they could man the office today.
Elders Christie and Tupou share their dendo fire through a musical number.
Elders Monson and Nielson share principles from the scriptures and Preach My Gospel.
Elders Fukui and Shinozaki teaching.
Elders Hinton and McLaws demonstrate the principle of keeping your line in the water! In other words, talking with everyone everywhere!
Elders Novak and Tibbs on "bear"-ing testimony.
Sisters Inoue and Meyers quiz the elders.
One of the highlights was Elder Christie tempting Elder Kodama to not open his mouth and speak to the elect (Sister McIntyre). Fortunately he was protected by the whole armor of God!
Elders Mau'ai and Ishihara taught us about several proselyting principles in PMG.
Elders Aguirre and Rhan share their presentation.

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