Friday, July 24, 2009

Ten New Enter the Mission and Eleven Return With Honor

Ten new missionaries entered the mission this week. A very unified and excited group of elders.
Back row - Elders Nishio, Starks, McConnell, Wiser, Sjavik and McGuire. Front Row - Elders Bowman, Slater, Imai and Rahn. First meal in the mission home!
11 Returning with Honor - Back Row - Elders Rassmusen, Stufflebeam, Jorgensen, Wintz, Neilsen, Merrick and Williamson. Front Row - Elder Latimer, Sisters Tsuda and Webb and Elder Fishler.
Sayonara Cake. Frosting looks like it is melting a little! But it tasted great.Earlier in the week Elder Fishler's mission dream was fulfilled when he earned his apron from Sister McIntyre. Looks good on him. I think he will make a good cook for a wonderful sister someday! And I hear he is available and looking.
What a wonderful and busy week it has been.

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julie said...

haha! Elder Fishler with his apron makes me laugh. Too bad its not bright pink!! Oh and what is with the Bowmans in the Kobe mission? There have been so many. You just can't get rid of them! Looks like you guys are staying busy. Miss you!