Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ricky Attends SOAR at BYU

SOAR stands for Summer of Academic Refinement and is a college preparation camp sponsored by the multicultural student department at BYU. During the camp, everyone prepares for and actually takes the ACT test and has a lot of fun in various EFY type activities. Ricky and James just returned from spending nearly a month in Utah. They both attended basketball camps and Ricky had a great time at SOAR. He is second from the left in the picture below. One day they hiked up to the Y on the mountain.

Ricky certainly looks like he got a lot smarter at the camp!
They had trip to Temple Square where they watched a movie and toured the grounds.

Ricky in the back row middle.
Fun time
Mario! Mario! Mario!
Banquet night was a dressier affair.
Apparently there was some studying that went on. Nice feet!
Now it is back to the humid summer of Japan for the boys. We are glad to have them home.

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