Friday, July 17, 2009

Sister McIntyre's Baptisms and Report from Asahikawa

If you recall Sister McIntyre found a young girl several weeks back and challenged her to be baptized even before they started teaching the lessons. She was able to see Mio baptized this week along with another wonderful sister. Here is her letter and pictures from the Sapporo Mission.

Hello everyone!! How are you? I am wonderful! We had two wonderful people baptized this past Saturday. This past week helping them prepare was such a joy and blessing. Ueda-san, age 68, was baptized July 11 at 2pm.
Her children live far away. Her mother and little brother passed away while she was young. Anyway, she is all alone. What got her most was the plan of salvation. Saito Shimai told her that through being baptized, she could meet with her family again. One week when she had come to church, the Relief Society lesson was on temples and temple work. There she learned that we could help others with their saving ordinances. There, Saito Shimai explained to her that after she is baptized, she can go to the temple and do those ordinances for her family, in which they will be able to meet again in the celestial kingdom. At that time, we didn't know how much she was actually listening, or understanding, but after her interview with the Zone Leaders, she told us that she is doing this for her Mother and Little Brother. What a joy it is that through this Gospel we can be with our families forever, that death is not the end. When we were deciding with her what the hymns for the baptismal service should be, she wanted "God be with you til we meet again." As we sang that song at her baptism, the spirit was so strong. She will be able to meet her mother and brother again. What a wonderful truth.
Mio was baptized July 11 at 11am. She is such a pure, sweet young girl. After she was baptized she expressed that she just felt so much lighter. She is so obedient and so happy. And I know that this gospel is just going to make her THAT Much happier. Eternally. President Daniels actually called the night before and asked if he could come, and so we had the privilege of having him at one of our baptisms. This gospel is so wonderful, and there are SO many people ready to hear it. OH! one more piece of good news. Nishimura Megumi is an old investigator. We had found her name from the Potential Investigator list and gave her a call a few times. Before I came Saito Shimai had made an appointment with her, but she cancelled last minute. I called her a few weeks after being here and she picked up and we got an appointment. She is out of our area, so we thought if she is interested, we'd pass her off to the Elders in that area. We met with her and taught her, and then met with her one more time and passed her over to the Elders. It's been about 3 weeks and the Elders finally were able to teach her again (she is really busy with work.. 22 years old-ish). Well, last night we get a call from those Elders and they said, "thank you for referring her. She is getting baptized!!" We were so happy for her and them. And we were so grateful to have the opportunity to play a small part in the process. We both felt that she was truly prepared. She seriously has met the missionaries like 5 or 6 times. This work is awesome! =) Anyway we are now out to find those who are prepared.
Oh, and my twin that I met on the street yesterday. She lives in Okayama. Same age as me, and she's seen the missionaries a lot in Okayama. Anyway we got her number, and I will try and pass her over to the missionaries there. Hope you have a great week. I LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister McIntyre

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