Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recent Worthy Converts

We cannot attend all baptisms, but we get pictures sent in for many of them. Here are some recent baptismal pictures.Above is Brother Tanida of the Akashi Ward, Kobe Stake with Elders Steele and Andrews. Below is Sister Uraguchi of the Miki Branch, Kobe Stake with Campbell, Edfrennes and Nielson. Sister Ou and Brother Miyake in a double baptism in the Hirakata Ward of the Osaka Stake with Elders Bahr and Murphy.
Brother Nakase of the Amagasaki Ward, Kobe Stake seen here with Elders Shoaf, Edfrennes and Christie. Below, Brother Saito with his family and Elders Wintz and Merrick in the Akou Branch of the Kobe Stake.

Another double baptism above in the Wakayama Ward of the Osaka Sakai Stake. Brother Hiraiwa and Brother pictured with Elders Fishler and Christiansen.

Sister Tanimura was baptized in ward Katsura of the Kyoto Stake by Elders Williamson and Cook. The work moves on! I will continue to post these as I can get pictures and have time to post them. This is proving to be a wonderful year for the work in the mission.

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