Friday, May 22, 2009

May Activity Update

We have recently assigned additional missionaries to the Hirakata area of the Osaka Stake. Hirakata was the old headquarters for the Osaka Mission. The old mission home and offices still stand on the property next to the nice three story church building. The Hirakata district now consists of 4 elders and two sisters who all live right there on the church property.We took a picture of them after interviews on May 15th. The next day there were two convert baptisms in the area, the first in some time. Pictured above - Sister and Pres. McIntyre, Sister Kogawa, Elder Murphy, Sister Yamashita and Elders Bahr, Campbell and Honma.The sisters live in the old Mission Home Residence. They occupy just the first floor and are very happy to be there! The elders all live in the elders quarters in a separate building over the old mission offices.While I was in Tokyo at the Mission President's Seminar, Rika took Julie to Himeji Castle. It is only a little over an hour drive from Kobe. They went on the tour of the inside. Below is a shot of the town out of one of the windows. In other news, for some reason, James wanted to get a buzz cut. We did not argue. Julie and I were happy to help him out.He started a trend as three of his friends came home from school the next day with him and asked us to cut their hair too.
We wanted to leave his half done.
The buzz boys. James is on the far right. To be thirteen again!!
More updates soon!

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julie said...

haha. i like this one! Jimbo and his friends are silly.