Monday, May 11, 2009

Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys and Maiko in Kyoto - May 2009

Julie is here until mid June and we only have one or two Saturdays open between now and then. Finding some family time is not always easy for us. Teenagers have so much going on especially at the end of a school year. Trying to get them all together for a family activity is sometimes a challenge. We have two stake conferences this month which will take up two of the weekends. We wanted to take what time we had and do something fun. So this past Saturday we spent the day in Kyoto and visited Arashiyama.Julie had never been to the monkey park so we took her on the hike up the mountain.Kyoto City in the background. It was a beautiful, clear, warm day. The monkeys were active as usual. There were several newborns, the youngest being born in the morning of the day we visited.
Mommy is giving Jr. a little massage. This little guy was about one month old.
Ricky and James found a friend getting some shade. The baby on the right was just born and still had the umbilical cord attached.
Mom and young.
This is the alpha male monkey. He is about 26 years old. The Japanese monkey lives about 30 years on average.
To feed the monkeys, we have to get in the cage. Julie and James feeding them bananas.
Julie and Ricky teasing one.Just having some fun during the hike down the mountain.In Arashiyama we found a little Maiko and took pictures with her. Maiko are apprentice geisha.Later we went to downtown Kyoto for dinner and shopping. We stayed at a hotel in Kyoto and enjoyed the Japanese onsen bath provided. Julie and Rika in their yukata going to the bath.The next morning, Sunday (and Mother's Day), we attended sacrament meeting in Shimogamo Ward and then drove over to the Katsura Ward to attend their sacrament meeting in the afternoon as well. Both wards are located in Kyoto. The kids were great to attend church twice, all in Japanese.

This is the Katsura church building. It is a renovated building converted into a church. Getting out to the 40 plus wards and branches in the mission for church is not easy. Even if we attended a different ward or branch every week, it would take at least a year to hit every unit. When you consider that we have stake conferences and general conferences as well, not to mention attending church as a family in our home ward from time to time, getting to every unit once a year is actually a challenge. When possible, visiting two units in one day is a bonus for us we cannot pass up!

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Colleen said...

Fun and busy weekend! Thanks for posting a pic of the Katsura church building. I was hoping there would be a photo of Elders Williamson and Drake. :) It was great to hear David's voice for a few minutes on Sunday.