Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Finally Found Some Real Inoshishi (Wild Bore) in Kobe

The sign says to watch our for wild bore! This is a bridge over a riverbed near Okamoto Station in Kobe. It is only about 10 minutes by car from the mission home. We heard the Inoshishi come down to find food in the winter in this area so we visited there one afternoon on preparation day after James got home from school. Sure enough, we found several bore in the river bottoms. They did not seem to mind us as they were down in the river and a safe distance. Below is a medium size female. They look small in the pictures, but the males were over 3 feet long and had little tusk. They must weigh about 150 lbs or more.

You can see three down in the river. They were as big as James.

Sister McIntyre wanted to climb down and get closer but I would not let her!

Here is a good looking male with little tusks. If I were on my hands and knees, we would be about the same size. They did not seem mean but they did seem strong.

Now I have seen monkeys, deer and wild bore in our mission. Having lived in Tokyo so long, where wildlife is only found in cetain parts of the city, I get a little excited seeing real wildlife in Japan.

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