Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Senboku Baptism and Zone Leader Council Feb. 09

Elders Howells and Ritchie serving in the Senboku Branch in the Osaka Sakai Stake had the wonderful opportunity to baptize Matsumoto Shimai. It was a wonderful service and Sister Matsumoto shared a touching testimony about her conversion and the faith she has in Christ. She was found through housing by Elder Ritchie and Elder Fishler shortly after Elder Ritchie arrived in Japan over four months ago. He performed the baptism.The Senboku Branch has a wonderful building as seen above and below. Senboku is on the Southern end of Osaka towards the border of Wakayama.
The Monday after transfers we held Zone Leader Council at the mission home. Below are the missionary leaders. Some were kind of being silly in this shot and they wanted Sammy (our dog) to be in the picture too. I am the short one in the middle with the dog. A little mission president among giant servants of the Lord. On preparation day after ZLC, Sister McIntyre and I joined a few Elders on a hike up Mt. Maya. We took a picture overlooking the city of Kobe part way up.It was a beautiful winter day with mostly sunshine. Although it rained the night before. This is walking distance from the mission home straight up the mountain. It was quite a steep hike, but Sister McIntyre seemed have enough energy to climb on the rocks and pose for pictures. I am sure she learned these poses from the missionaries. The plum trees are starting to bloom. This is one of the first signs that Spring is near in Japan. February is probably the coldest month in Japan, but we will gradually see nicer days and more signs of Spring as the month goes by. This year the weather seems fairly mild in the Kobe Mission.


Chappell said...

Hello Pres McIntyre. I am Mary
Chappell, mom of Jacob
chappell who has been called to the Kobe, Japan mission and will leave for the MTC March 25, 2009. We have the list of the clothes he should have but I was wondering if you could give us any idea what kind of fibers work best, i.e. cotton,poly, wool. We know that they all need to be as wrinkle free as possible, but before we went to buy suits, I just wanted to know what your recommendation would be. You can contact me at mchaps8@hotmail.com. Thanks so much for your efforts!

President McIntyre and Family said...

Sister Chappell,
Congratulations on Elder Chappell's call! We should be sending you a packet out from here with more details. I will also ask Sister McIntyre and/or Sister Painter in our office to answer your question.
President McIntyre

Sean McGuire said...

Hello Pres McIntyre. I just got called to the Kobe Japan mission and am totally excited! I leave for the MTC on May 6, 2009. I am excited to meet you in a couple months you can reach me at imagolfer413@hotmail.com

President McIntyre and Family said...

Elder McGuire,
Congratulations on your call. You are coming to the greatest mission in the world! We will be in touch with you soon.
Pres. McIntyre