Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Update: Sister Erika McIntyre in Sapporo and Ricky in China

Sister Erika McIntyre and her companion Sister Aloi serving in the Japan Sapporo Mission. Showing us what it is like to street contact in the snow! Sister McIntyre is on the left.We hope she doesn't catch cold! We are glad it is a little warmer here in Kobe. Sister McIntyre just transferred and is still in the Sapporo area (Kotoni) but now with her new companion, Sister Nishimuro.You got to love the missionaries who work in this kind of climate in the winter! Now we know why they call them the frozen chosen of Sapporo.
Elder Choi of the Area Presidency visited the Sapporo Mission. Sister McIntyre is right behind him in the second row. Elder Choi has the red necktie and is next to President Daniels on the front row.
Ricky spent the week in Guangzho China for his school APAC basketball tournament. They made it to the championship game but ended up in second place. Ricky made the tournament all star team. Above is his team. Rick is right in the middle.
Waiting at the free throw line. #15Awards ceremony after the tournament. Ricky is second from the right.

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