Thursday, October 9, 2008

Transfer Week - Week Ending October 5th

Another busy transfer week. These weeks are always busy, but enjoyable. The new missionaries are always wonderful and full of energy and anticipation. The returning missionaries are also excited but a little sad when they think of their mission coming to an end.
The new missionaries always spend a few days with us getting training and orientation. Here is one of the dinners with all 9 of the newest missionaries.
Here is a picture of everyone before we sent them out into the field.
The day we send out the new missionaries, the returning group comes in for interviews and dinner. Here are the 8 returning missionaries this transfer enjoying a last sukiyaki dinner prepared by Sister McIntyre. Ricky and James are with us too.
This was a great group and they will represent the Kobe Mission well wherever they go.
After the dust of transfers settled on Friday the 3rd, we prepared for a fireside/seminar on the importance of families. Sister McIntyre and I were asked to speak at the Yamatokoriyama Ward Sunday after church in special missionary fireside about families. It went well and we had the chance to meet several people interested in the church and how to create a happier family.

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