Saturday, October 18, 2008

President's Message October 2008

Elders and Sisters of the Kobe Mission,
We have made it through a hot summer and the cooler fall season is upon us. Kansai is beautiful in fall and it is a wonderful time to be outdoors meeting people and sharing the gospel. I want to thank all of you for your faith and prayers. We are seeing more and more miracles each month. I have been pleased to see how so many of you have taken the challenge upon yourselves to show your faith by talking with as many people as you can each day and are being blessed of the Lord for doing so.
I have received many letters that explain how you went the extra mile in your finding efforts, yielding few or no results at the time, only to find that a member brings a friend to church on Sunday or you stumble upon a person who is really prepared to hear the gospel message outside of your normal finding activities. When we set worthy goals, show our faith to achieve them and ask the Lord to help us, we can see miracles. As I have shared with you before, that is how faith works and often how blessings come. I pray you will all continue to push yourself knowing that the blessings come in due time. In D&C 64:33 the Lord admonishes us:

Wherefore, be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

The truth is we have reason to rejoice and not be weary. New investigators, progressing investigators, yakusokusha and baptisms were all up for the mission this past month. I know our small efforts will continue to produce great results if we are steadfast and faithful.

This transfer period, we want to continue to build on what we have been studying and working on the past few months. Most wards and branches now have a mission plan. We must continue to build a good relationship with the members and help each unit in the mission fulfill and achieve their mission plans. We must continue to open our mouths and exert our own efforts to find the Lord’s elect. In addition, many of you are now seeing the number of people you are teaching increase. We want to focus on helping our investigators progress towards baptism. In order to accomplish this we will be focusing on the following:

1) Being bold without being overbearing in seeking and obtaining commitments (both in our finding efforts and in our teaching)
2) Learning how to plan better for our investigators
3) Learning how to use the Book of Mormon more effectively in all that we do

As we continue to do the things we have been, like finding 2 new investigators each week, and start focusing on helping our investigators progress, I know we will see an increase in the harvest here and a change in the hearts of the members in the Kansai region.

This month we will have the opportunity to hear from President David F. Evans, our Area President and a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. As part of our preparation for meeting with him in our zone conferences, he has asked each of you to study the attributes, character and behavior of the great missionaries found in the Book of Mormon. Before zone conference, please read Mosiah 17 through Alma 42 in the Book of Mormon. Please note the faith and attributes of great missionaries and prophets such as Abinadai, Alma, The Sons of Mosiah, Alma the Younger and Amulek. As you read about these great men, liken their experiences unto you and your mission. Think about what you can do to be more like them. We are looking forward to hearing form President Evans!
Know that we love you and know that you have been called to this work to succeed. May the Lord’s choicest blessing be upon each of you as you are steadfast and immovable in your faith and works.

With much love,
President and Sister McIntyre

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